7.0.6 ProBusiness change log

Significant features

SEO friendlier URLs

You can now show the menu structure in the URLs of your web page. This is much better for SEO purposes and also provides clearer information to the site visitor. 

For example, without the menu structure showing you may have a URL that looks like example.com/london with the new URL your web page address could look like example.com/news/uk/london.

Multilingual URLs

Multilingual support now extends to using different domains for each language, subdomains, and subdirectory-style language coding.

The various URL examples below show the kinds of format now supported. 

  • Subdomain - e.g. en.example.com or fr.example.com
  • Different domain - e.g. example.fr or le-web-site.fr
  • Subdirectory e.g. example.com/fr/alias 

This combines seamlessly with existing language-targeting features, such as auto-detection of language from the user's browser, if you choose to use that.

The friendlier URLs thus enable effective geo-targeting, better search engine visibility, and provide users with more information on page context.

Form CRM response log

You may remember that we recently upgraded the Zenario Forms system to allow form submissions to be integrated with a CRM, such as Salesforce.

There is now improved logging, so that you can diagnose problems in the event of forms not being received by your CRM.

Improvements to images

You will now find that images, when viewed in the image library, have a coloured border around them. This is to indicate what the privacy status of the image is.

When you upload a new image to a web page, Zenario will automatically detect the privacy status of the image based on the privacy level of the web page. You can also manually set the privacy level to public or private.

When you make an image public, the URL of that image will show in an search engine friendly way, allowing it to easily be crawled. The link can also be used to link to the image internally or externally from your website.

Improved the image tagging feature so you can add or remove tags for multiple images.

Don't lose your work

If your internet connection goes down whilst editing something in a Floating Admin Box, you will now see a "Retry" button on the screen.

If you press the "Retry" button when your internet connection has recovered you will be able to continue editing without losing your changes.

Minor features

  • New "Groups" panel for conveniently seeing users/contacts who are members of a group. View content items protected by specific user groups
  • You can select and delete multiple users in the same group 
  • Grid view (with images) for users and contacts now available
  • More detailed filtering options for smart groups
  • View plugins that have an email address is a setting
  • View forms that have an email address in a setting
  • Banner module: new image Upload/Dropbox functionality
  • Choose your own breadcrumb separator 
  • Full-screen WYSIWYG editing mode when editing Newsletters
  • You can now delete the archived versions of a content item from the system. (The current/published versions of content items are not affected by this.)
  • You can enter a custom welcome message for the Vertical Menu plugin
  • The number of layouts a plugin is used on shows the number of archived layouts in brackets (in Organizer)
  • You can choose if administrators receive a copy of a newsletter when sent

Bug fixes 

  • Editing smart groups permissions bug fix
  • Datasets fully functional after install/reset
  • Front-end table editing bug fixed
  • Secondary menu nodes now hidden when user has no menu permissions
  • Layouts' "list of slots" panel now updates correctly