Zenario 7.1

Version 7.1 of Zenario is now available for everyone to download. Here's what's new in this version:

Significant features

Separate "Admin Domain" for managing your website

You can now improve the security of your admin area by setting an Admin Domain. 

A visitor to the website will only be able to see the admin login panel if they know the Admin Domain, which can be kept secret.

Improvements to admin permissions

We've reorganised our admin permissions. The old Designer permissions are now split up into two new categories:

  • Designer
  • System Manager

Under System Manager we've added two new permissions; one for applying updates to your database and for viewing the diagnostics screen.

We've added the ability to copy one administrator's permissions to another administrator. You can use this new feature:

  • To quickly set up multiple administrators with the same permission.
  • To try out an administrator's permissions without needing to log in as them.

Improvements for translators

You can now create a translator administrator who only has rights to create translations of existing pages - and edit pages - in specific languages.

We've added a new, friendlier interface for translating menu nodes and phrases into another language.

When viewing phrases in Organizer, we've added a new column that shows you a URL that each phrase was seen on, to help you quickly see where a phrase is used on your website.

Rapid data-entry

For rapid data entry (for example for contacts, users, locations or other data), there is now a "Save & create another" button. This makes it easy to create something in an admin box, save it, and keep the box open so as to add more records.

Plugin previews

We've added a preview box for plugins, that you see while editing their settings. This makes it easy to preview changes to a plugin, without needing to save it first.

Improved database backup system

The database backup system in Zenario is now compatible with files created using mysqldump in terminal, or using phpMyAdmin. (The 'Enclose table and column names with backquotes' option must be checked for the backups to be compatible.)

In addition, the backup-files that Zenario makes can now be used by mysql in terminal and by phpMyAdmin.

SVG support

We've added support for SVG (scalable vector graphics) for all images. This is an essential improvement for handling graphics on retina and 4K displays.

Minor features

  • Some of the settings from your siteconfig file are now viewable in Organizer in the Configuration area.
  • There's now an "Overview" video that plays when you open Organizer for the first time. (Supervisors can control this; i.e. you can flag that an administrator should see this video when they next open Organizer.)

Bug fixes 

  • If you enable the Offer to save your web passwords option in Chrome, and then click the Create a user or contact button in Organizer, Chrome will no longer enter your administrator name and password into the form on the screen.

Software versioning

We are now using the Semantic Versioning scheme for our version numbers.

This release is version 7.1.0, where the first number is the major version, the second number is the minor version, and the third number is the patch version.

  • If we need to release patches, the patches will have labels such as 7.1.1, 7.1.2, and so on.
  • Versions with new features will have labels such as 7.2, 7.3, and so on.

Our reason for switching is that Semantic Versioning is more commonly used, and people are more familiar with it.