Zenario 7.4

Version 7.4 is now available for anyone to download! Here are the new features that you can use in this version:

CSS editing through the browser gets even easier

Zenario now comes with a "blank" skin. It contains all of the files/directories you need to make a skin, but the files are mostly blank - a perfect starting point for designers to start writing their own skin!

Just add CSS through your browser (or FTP), preview as you go, and save. Your new styles become live immediately.

Improvements to nests

A nest is a special type of plugin that can contain other plugins. They're handy because they can perform a wide array of tasks, ranging from conditional logic (e.g. whether a user is logged in, which country they're in and so on), to responsive design.

Nests have been a feature of Zenario for a long time, but in 7.4 they have several new features and improvements:

  • The UI for managing plugins in nests has had a revamp, making it clearer to see and faster to use.
  • Plugins in nests can now be arranging using a grid-layout (you can determine what proportion of the slot width the nest is in should be used by each plugin).
  • You can now edit CSS for plugins in the nest directly in your browser.
  • Nests now use Twig frameworks (for custom server-side logic).

Finally, we've done a little bit of tidying up: we've merged the old Flexible Nest, Tabbed Nest and Untabbed Nest modules together into one module that has the combined features of all of them.

Improvements for Twig Snippets

In 7.4 we've made several improvements to our Twig Snippet plugins.

We've made several more functions available for use when writing Twig Snippets, including the ability to use the this.callScript() function which lets you call JavaScript functions on the page.

You can now write JavaScript code and define JavaScript functions to go with your Twig Snippet, which are when included at the bottom of the page, and can be called using the function above, e.g.:

{% do this.callScript('window', 'myFunction', 'parameter 1', 'parameter 2', 'parameter 3') %}

To top it off, we've added a handy button that lets you minify the code you enter. This reduces the size it takes up on the page. 

Minor features

  • We've reworked the drop-down menu at the top left of the admin toolbar; it now allows you to quickly jump to anywhere in Organizer
  • You can now use CSS and media-queries when writing email templates and newsletters, which means emails will be displayed with more control on most email clients
  • We've made some small improvements to user forms, including a "honeypot" feature that helps detect spam-bots.
  • We've merged the two Content Summary List modules together into one module that has the combined features of both of them.
  • When a Content Summary List plugin shows an image for each link, you can now set a default image to appear if the linked content item doesn't have a feature image.
  • If you enter large custom logo in the branding site settings, Zenario will now assume that it is a retina image and scale it as such.

Bug Fixes

  • We've added two new drop-down menus to the admin toolbar, under the Item and the Layout tabs, that allow you to get to all of the slot controls for that tab if the styling on a page is blocking their usual buttons.
  • Some of the "database error" emails that Zenario sends when there is a problem were getting very large in size, because they included full debug information on the plugin/module that triggered the error. We're now trimming some of the more superfluous information out from the emails to reduce their size.