Zenario 9.5 — draft!

icon thumbs up shadowIntroducing Staging Mode!

Staging mode on a page lets you make a draft and share it with colleagues before it's published.

This is a great feature if you want feedback on a new content item before you publish it, while showing it to people who are not Zenario administrators.

To use it, just make a draft of a content item — either an existing content item or a v1 draft. 

How to use staging mode

Open the meta data of the content item, and look for the "Staging mode" tab. You can enter a 5-letter code, or click "Suggest" to let Zenario suggest one. This is the secret code that you can send to your colleagues, who will be able to then view the draft.

Staging mode creating a content item

Staging mode only works with content items that are public (not private, password-protected pages).

Once you save, you'll see the thumbs-up icon in the admin toolbar.

Staging mode thumbs up

Copy the URL, which will include the Staging code, and send it to the people who you want to review the page. They will be able to access the page immediately.

Making a whole bunch of new pages?

That's fine. Go to each content item whose draft that you want to share, and just select "Use existing code". Then you can make a whole set of pages using the same code.

When you're done, simply publish the page (or delete the draft if it didn't work out). The staging code will be removed.

And much more to be announced soon!