Zenario managed hosting with Tribal Systems

Tribal Systems are the authors of Zenario. We've been developing Zenario since 2005 and know it better than anyone else.

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The best expertise

As developers of Zenario, we have the best, most up to date knowledge of the world's friendly CMS.

We will host your site and provide fanatically-fast support, including: nightly backups, server health check, the very latest version of Zenario (usually one version ahead of the download), and software patches on a regular basis.

In addition, we will provide email, phone and Zoom support, to train you in how to use Zenario — not just plain content editing, but creating plugins, editing layouts with Gridmaker, editing CSS, running sophisticated applications, custom applications, and more.


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High performance, secure server, well maintained

At Tribal Systems, we have been running CMS-based websites for over 20 years. We use high performance, secure, and well-maintained Amazon-based systems.

We run these for customers around the world, so by using AWS we can deploy Zenario in a region that suits you.


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Installing on your platform

If you'd like to have us install Zenario on your own server, we can do that.

We will not only install it, but give you follow-up support so that you can run it as effectively and securely as possible. 


Cost effective

Zenario managed hosting is low-cost and highly effective.

Our Zenario managed hosting plans start from just £33 per month* and include prompt human support.

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