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Zenario 7.7 announced

27 Jun 2017

By Tony Butcher

How to make a responsive email

5 Apr 2016

By Liz Franco

Zenario 7.2 has a new feature to add CSS styles and media queries, thereby allowing you to make mobile-friendly "responsive" email newsletters.

Zenario 7.0.7 announced

29 Sep 2015

By Tony Butcher

Zenario version 7.0.7 has been released. It's a great release, and will be the last in the 7.0-series before some more major changes come along in version 7.1.

Zenario to drive portals for IoT

29 Sep 2015

By Tony Butcher

Zenario has a powerful architecture that can be found at the heart of internet-of-things (IoT) systems. Read how it is powering Assetwolf.

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