Monday 11th April 2016 15:14

Hi Zenario,


I found this in the 7.2 code :

File : zenario/modules/zenario_common_features/classes/admin_boxes/menu.php#l111

(See online at :



                    $tab['edit_mode']['enabled'] =
                        :    checkPriv('_PRIV_EDIT_MENU_ITEM');


If I read well, $tab['edit_mode']['enabled'] depends on $box['key']['parentMenuID'] to be filled with  checkPriv('_PRIV_EDIT_MENU_ITEM') or  checkPriv('_PRIV_EDIT_MENU_ITEM').


Either the condition is too much, or one of the alternative is.


Best regards,

Damien Seguy.

Monday 11th April 2016 15:48

Hi there Exakat!


Once upon a time our permission system required different permissions for managing a menu node, depending on whether it was in the tree. E.g. a top-level node had a different permission than a child-node. We've toned down some of the over-complexity since then.


This code is probably the result of a mass-search and replace. The functionality isn't wrong, I think it just needs tidying up and no-one has spotted it ^_^;;

Monday 11th April 2016 16:22

yep, just what I thought. Definitely not a bug. 


So, search is over,  can you hand that to anyone who can change it? 

That will make a cleaner code next version. 



Monday 11th April 2016 17:10

Yes, that would be me...


It's fixed in our internal repository; it'll be fixed in the download and on GitHub the next time we do a public release or patch.

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