Hello everyone,
white pages after installation of the website by Softaculous (cPanel), twice, also for site/admin.php.
Here is my configuration,
Apache Version 2.4.43
PHP Version 7.4.8
MySQL Version 5.7.30-cll-lve
(I saw that Apache 2.4.7 is required)
I took the time to look for solutions but nothing.
So I'm addressing you here,
Thank you.

Hi there


It's very unlikely anyone will be able to help you unless you can tell us what your error message was. If you're seeing a blank screen, it's likely the config settings on your server are set so that the error messages are hidden. Likely they will be in your logs somewhere.


If I had to guess based on just the specs you listed, then maybe your version of PHP could be an issue?


I'm not aware of anyone who has tested Zenario on version 7.4. In theory it shouldn't be a problem of course, however in practice you never know what they change that could break something. Or not, I'm just guessing here!

Thanks a lot Chris for your answer.

I reinstalled with PHP version 7.3
I arrive now at the checking screen, I activated PHP zip, but for the rest I don't know if I can modify the parameters ?




You will certainly need to bring MySQL to the right version, we generally use 5.7. MySQL version 5.0 is too old and lacks some features that Zenario need.


The others are warnings, so no essential to change, but change them if you can.


With best regards,


Hello Tony,
I just sent a ticket to my host.
I'll let you know what happens next.
Thank you.

Here are the elements of the answer:
" The MySQl is 5.7.30-cll-lve.
File compression is enabled, as is the lite speed server and its cache.
The Apache version is the version compatible with cpanel. "
I've searched most of the settings but I can't find anything. I created a database manually to see if the version would be upgraded but without success.
Thank you for your help.

This is going to be quite hard to debug.... the key thing is the MySQL version. I wonder if there is a mis-match in the server, client, and PHP client library. 


It may be best for you to hold on until the new version of Zenario comes out, which should be in the next couple of weeks.

I had the same issue, regardless of what your system says you have, it seems that Zenario only recognised my mysql version as being correct when I was using PHP 7.4

Also reload is often needed when I log in.

Hi moth, 


OK, that is interesting. To help us reproduce this, can you tell me what OS and version you use? Other versions of things, e.g. PHP, MySQL server?





I've upgraded to PHP 7.4.
This solved the Mysql version problem, thanks Moth.
There are still 3 problems left:
1)Web Server: Apache http server version 2.4.7 or later (you have LiteSpeed)

[Issue colored Yellow]
2)Unicode Support: mbstring extension enabled in PHP. I disable it but nothing changes.  [Issue colored red]
3)Optional requirements
deflate module enabled in Apache
Needed for compressing files, for a faster page-load. [Issue colored yellow]
Problem with my version of Apache.
-For Litespeed, if I understand, the CMS will have to be supported.

Surprise! The beautiful BlackDog site is displayed on my site's page, but the admin panel remains inaccessible to me.

Hm, the demo site should work fine. 


See https://demo.zenar.io/admin with username admin and password demo123.


Let us know if that doesn't work please.


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