Zenario 9.2 is released today for free public download under the BSD License.

There are new security features, such an preventing the creation of easily-guessable passwords, more use of captchas, and other features.

We've improved the handling of images, and the Content Summary List module now supports WebP images for smaller images sizing on the fly, and thus faster page load times.

There's a brilliant, new crop and zoom feature for images; after uploading an image to a Banner, or having it as a feature image that appears on a Content Summary List, it's possible to adjust the crop and zoom positioning of the image through the browser. This takes just a few seconds, and avoids having multiple copies of the image, and you don't have to spend time editing the image in an external program.

The admin toolbar has been simplified, now with a single "Edit" tab, which combines the actions of two other tabs.

There is a drastically improved Search system. It has both predictive (i.e. top-of-page) mode and full-page mode, and returns search results from the site's content with much smarter text matching than previously.

There are many more great new features: read about them in more detail on our Zenario 9.2 page.