7.0.5b ProBusiness change log

Significant features

Google maps in Organizer

A new type of panel is now available under the Locations area of Zenario. You are now able to view all of your stored locations on a map and edit by double-clicking on the pin.

Multi-page Forms

Form fields can now be spread over multiple pages/steps by adding in page breaks. Choose the text for the "next" and "back" buttons.

Calculated fields are now present, take the value from two other fields and have it display in another, separate field.

Mirror fields are available meaning that you can display data entered further on in the form as a review or update.

Minor features

  • Preselect quick filters on Organizer
  • Advanced Search on Zenario refinements
  • When a Dataset field is marked as protected the code name and field type should not be able to be changed.
  • Changes to image pots for Content Items/Plugins and Email Templates/Newsletter
  • Improve Banner module to allow in-line editing of title and HTML (like WYSIWYG editor); use modern phrases system
  • Contact Form module can now appear in pop-up box.
  • Event calendar:- Add option to change short month to long month, event count on months.
  • CMS warning email frequency can now be changed
  • When deleting a document from the Documents 2 system and the old document system is using it, the old document will not be deleted. 
  • Choose the frequency and day/month of scheduled timing tasks.
  • Choose heading title on plugins - H1, H2 etc.

Bug fixes

  • Update to Gridmaker scrolling issues and reloads the page on exit.
  • Forms system - bug when using date filter fixed
  • Updated tooltip on menu nodes
  • Untranslated phrases don't display (untranslated) on front-end.
  • When using a Form on a profile editor and it is set to "Don't update" on duplicate submissions, a warning message will appear.
  • Google Maps API should be included in admin mode only when there is a function that needs it
  • Promo Menu module stores the menu node images in the inline image table.
  • Recipients tab of a Newsletter that makes it clear that it honours opt-outs.
  • Form Name and Type are always visible in the Organizer panel.
  • XML site map now updates website protocol if changed.