Creating a Skin

The skin refers to the 'look and feel' of your website. It consists of a set of .css files created in a specific folder. Each layout uses a skin. Normally all the layouts in a website use the same skin for a standard design. But you could create more than one skin.

Folders and Files

For Zenario, a 'skin' is not other thing that a folder containing a set of files (fonts, images, styles, settings) that create the full look and feel of your website.

Meta data about the skin - description.yaml file

Here are some examples on how having this file improves the interaction of the skin with Zenario.

Extending a Skin

Zenario comes with a default skin as standard which has a simple, clean look. Should you want to change this look it is possible to extend the skin using this method.

Set the layout's skin

The layout is a key part of the HTML structure of a website. View this guide on how to set the skin of a layout.