Methods you write

A reference of the methods in your module that you can write. Zenario will call these methods when your module needs to interact with something.

For example, if you write a pluggable module, your showSlot() method will be called when a plugin from your module is displayed.

Methods you write for Plugins

A list of the methods you can write for a pluggable module that can output text on a page, or change how a plugin is displayed.

Methods you write for Admin Boxes

A list of the methods you can write that load data, change how things are displayed, and save data in Admin Boxes.

Methods you write for Organizer

A list of the methods you can write that change how things in Organizer are displayed, or handle actions in Organizer.

Methods called by the Admin Toolbar

These are the methods that let you change how things on the Admin Toolbar are displayed, or handle their actions.

Methods you write then link to from Plugins

These methods are called when someone accesses the site through a URL generated by the pluginAJAXLink(), showFloatingBoxLink() or showRSSLink() PHP functions.