Admin Boxes are divided up into sections called "Tabs". Your Admin Box must have at least one tab, but can have multiple tabs.

If you have multiple tabs, only one will be displayed at one time, and the Admin will be able to switch between them by clicking on their links at the top of the box.

If you only have one tab its possible to hide the tab bar, but you will still need to create at least one tab, even if the administrator using your Admin Box isn't aware that it exists.

Placing things on Tabs

Tabs act as containers for fields, notices and errors.

A tab with no fields, notices or errors will be completely empty. If you define fields, notices or errors they will appear on the tab you put them in.

Placing Errors on Tabs

You can set errors using your validateAdminBox() method to show that there are errors on a tab.

If edit mode is enabled for a tab, an administrator will not be able to leave that tab or save the Admin Box whilst there are errors on that tab.

The CMS will automatically clear all of the errors on a tab each time the tab is validated. This means that any error messages from a previous validation will be removed and must be re-added if the problem is still present.

Placing Notices on Tabs

Notices display like errors, but are not automatically cleared, and do not stop an administrator from leaving a tab or saving.

Reference for tabs: