Module Standards - Organizer panels

The purpose of this document is to lay out a clear set of guidelines for developing organizer panals for Zenario.

Title: An Organizer panel should always have meaningful title. If the panel is a refined view of items then the title should include the refiner in quotes  e.g.. Content Items of the type "HTML Page".

Collection buttons:
The Create button should always be first.
The Create button text should always be "Create a XXX" where "XXX" is the thing that is being created e.g. "Create a task".
The button should have the class "zenario_create_a_new" so that it appears in the correct style:

Screen Shot 2015 07 06 at 11
Item buttons:
The Edit button should always be first. If in an "Actions" drop down it should also be first.
The Edit button text should always be "Edit XXX" where "XXX" is the thing that you are about to edit. (E.g. Edit user).
The Delete button should always last and have a capital "D". If in an "Actions" drop down it should also be last.
The Delete button should always bring up an "are you sure" prompt and not delete the item straight away. The prompt message should include the items name e.g. "Are you sure you wish to delete the user "Example user"?" .

Each Organizer panel should have an default sort column, the ID column should rarely be used as the default sort column.

Each Organizer panel should have a bold column, this column should be the most important column e.g. the name of the item.

Only important/most useful columns should be shown by default. We try to keep to a rule that there is no horizontal scroll bar on the default view on a 1280 x 1024 monitor.

The most important column should not be able to be hidden. You should not be able to turn all the important column off so that you get a meaningless panel.

All numerical columns should be right align, everything else should be left align.

When creating a panel you must think about the size of each column. The column size should be based on the size of data the column shows and not the column's label. It is acceptable for the column label to be cut off however you must add a tooltip to this column label if it happens.

When a column is a count of child items the follow naming convention should be used: "Users (Number of)".

When showing an administrators name show their username unless there is lots of space then show full name and username "Joe Bloggs (joeb)".

Each Organizer panel should have the following icons:
1st level icon
1st level icon overstate
List item icon

Other points

Organizer always should have capital "O".

When adding new management module you should always think about adding admin permissions e.g. View permission, Create/ edit / delete permission.