Plugin function reference

A list of functions and variables that can be called when writing a pluggable module.

These can only be used when writing methods for plugins, e.g. the init() and showSlot() methods.

Environment Variables

The CMS will set these variables on your plugin before calling your init() and showSlot() methods. They give you information about where plugin is currently running from.

Environment Functions

These functions let you check the values of your plugin settings and check for form submissions.

Initialization Functions

These are functions which you can call during the initialization of your plugin to change how your plugin is displayed.

Framework Functions

These help you generate html on the page, and help you generate forms and links.

Link, Path and URL Functions

These functions generate links to content items, and links to your plugin in other modes.

JavaScript Functions

These functions can be called in visitor mode, anywhere your plugin is in a slot.