Modules: Quick-start guides

Zenario uses a system of modules to add core and custom functionality to a site.

You will find modules via the Organizer back-end, where you can start (or stop) a module that is already available. If you have access to your server's file system, you can also create and develop your own custom modules. This guide shows you how.

Basic concepts of modules

Zenario uses a system of "modules" to enhance and customise site functionality. Read this to understand the basic concepts.

How to write a module that creates plugins on web pages

Modules can be "pluggable": that means they make Plugins that can be inserted into the slots on web pages. Here's how.

Modules with an Admin Interface

These guides will show you how to make a Module display things in Organizer, and how to use the Admin Box toolkit.

Modules that extend other Modules

These guides will show you how to add to the functionality of another Module, and how to add new things into other Modules' Organizer panels and Admin Boxes.

Advanced concepts

These guides cover more advanced concepts when creating a Module with an admin interface.

How do I...

A general overview on how to make or create certain elements within Zenario.

Standards and security

These guides cover good development practices.

Developer Tools

Developer tools are available on Zenario so that developers can see the codes of different elements of the site.