Creating Second Level Navigation

Your top level navigation will not function on its own unless you also create some second level navigation. You can create second level navigation using the nav property.

When an administrator clicks on a top level navigation element, this is functionality equivalent to if they had clicked on the first second level navigation element.

When Second Level Navigation is displayed

The properties and behaviour of second level navigation is very similar to the top level navigation, except that second level navigation elements will only be drawn on the screen when an administrator has clicked on the top level navigation that they are inside.

Links and Panels

To make a second level navigation element do something when clicked on, you need to attach a panel to it in some way.

You can either attach the panel directly by attaching it using the panel property, or you can define a panel elsewhere and then link to it using the link property.

Note that you cannot use both the link and the panel properties on the same element.

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