Reference of elements and properties in the Admin Toolbar

The Admin Toolbar is built on static YAML files, written in TUIX, which describe and give structure to its sections, tabs and buttons.

In order to add an element to the Admin Toolbar, your module must contain one or more .yaml files in its tuix/admin_toolbar subdirectory.

Adding new elements to the Admin Toolbar

The structure of the Admin Toolbar is divided up into two main areas: Tabs/toolbars (which are interchangeable) and sections (which are wrappers for buttons).

If you wish to create a new tab/toolbar, you will need to write a microtemplate for that toolbar and place it in your module's js/microtemplates/ directory. You will also need to define new sections and buttons.

If you wish to add a button into an existing section, all you need to do is define the button in TUIX and merge it into an existing section.

Reference of properties: