Reference of elements and properties in Organizer

Organizer is built on static YAML files, written in TUIX, which describe and give structure to its sections and panels. The YAML files serve as a map or plan of what functionality your module adds to Organizer, and where.

In order to add an element to Organizer, your module must contain one or more .yaml files in its tuix/organizer subdirectory.

Creating Top Level Navigation

In Organizer, the elements at the top level are the top level navigation. This is visible to the very left of Organizer.

If you wish to include functionality in Organizer you must either create a top level item to contain it, or to place your functionality within another module's top level item.

If you wish to add a new top level navigation, you should add a new element at the top level. It is good practice to prefix the code with your company's name or your module's name, to avoid name clashes with other developers adding elements.

Creating Second Level Navigation

Your top level navigation will not function on its own unless you also create some second level navigation. You can create second level navigation using the nav property.

Reference of properties: