How to relocate a site

You can move a site to a different server, subdirectory or URL using this method.

1. Take a Database Backup

Log into your site as an Administrator, navigate to the Backups in the Administration section, then create a database backup.

If you are installing to a new server, you should then upload or copy this to the new location.

2. Copy the Docstore and Zenario Custom directories

You will need to copy or move your docstore and zenario_custom directories to the new location. The zenario_custom directory must be placed in the Zenario root directory.

3. Install to the new location

Follow the installation instructions for a fresh install, with the following exception:

  • On the license screen, choose "Restore from Backup" rather than "Fresh Install", then when prompted enter the location of the backup file you created in step 1.

Then continue the installation as normal. You will need to log in with your Administrator account details to complete the installation.

4. Set the Docstore directory

Immediately after the installation you will be prompted to re-enter the location of your Backup, Docstore and Dropbox directories. It's important that you set the location of the Docstore to the existing docstore directory, or the copy of the directory that you made in step 2.

5. Log in to your new site as an Admin

To finish the move, go to your site in the new location and log in as an Administrator.

You should then visually inspect your site and check that everything is the same as it used to be.