Environment Functions

These functions let you check the values of your plugin settings and check for form submissions.

You can use syntax of the form:


to call an environment function from anywhere within your Plugin's methods.


This function lets you tell the CMS that your Plugin supports caching, and under which situations it can be cached.


Lets you call JavaScript functions after your Plugin has been displayed on a page, or after your Plugin has been reloaded via AJAX.


This is an alternate version of callScript(), that allows you to run a script before your Plugin is placed in a slot or reloaded via AJAX.


This function checks whether there is data in the $_POST array, and whether that data is from a form created by the current Plugin (as opposed to data from another Plugin on the current page).


This function lets you tell the CMS when any cached copies of your Plugin should be cleared.


Allows you to get a Content ID and Content Type from a content field type setting.


Checks the value of a setting for this Plugin.