Advanced concepts

These guides cover more advanced concepts when creating a Module with an admin interface.

Controlling Visibility of Elements in TUIX

Many things in TUIX (e.g. buttons, fields or navigation) can be conditionally shown using visible_if and other similar properties.

Organizer Modes

Depending on how Organizer is currently being accessed by the Admin, it can operate in a different "mode". Organizer has six different modes, and each mode has a lowercase codename.

Constants you can use in your Organizer SQL

When you are writing fragments of SQL in TUIX tags for use in Organizer, you may include the value of constants defined in PHP using the syntax:


Customising Message Boxes in Admin Mode

When adding controls to the Admin Toolbar or Organizer, there are several places in TUIX where you have the option to create confirmation boxes using the <confirm> tag, where the message text, the text on the buttons and the icon can all be customised.

Creating a centralised list

Create your own set of values in a centralised list to extend your data model.