CSS on pages and layouts

Zenario offers you a quick method to add CSS classes to both a page and a layout. Simply follow these guidelines.

Adding CSS to a content item

To add your own CSS class to a content item follow these steps.

Under the "Edit" tab of your page go to "Properties" and then click on "Edit metadata"

Zenario admin panel

A floating admin box will appear.

Click on the "Background & CSS" tab and at the bottom is a field to add your own class name. 

Google ChromeScreenSnapz005

Adding CSS to a layout

If you want to add a CSS class to a layout a very similar method is used.

Go to the "Layout" tab on the front-end and click on "Change skin".

Layout admin panel

A floating admin box will appear.

Again go to the "Background & CSS" tab.

At the bottom of the box there is a field to your classes. 

add css class to layout

You can now add CSS classes to content items and layouts.