Initialization Function registerGetRequest()

protected final function registerGetRequest(
$request, $defaultValue = ''


This function allows you to temporarily modify the canonical URL for the current Content Item.

Where You Can Use It

Can be used in your plugin's init() method, from Zenario 7.0 onwards.


If your Plugin outputs dynamic content based on a GET request, you should make sure that each request appears as different webpage to Search Engines.

In order to do this, you should register each variable that your Plugin uses to determine which content to show.

For modal Plugins, you may not want try to register every variable that can trigger a screen; for example, you would not register a variable that took an Extranet User to a confirmation screen.



The name of a variable that may appear in the URL, that your Plugin uses.


A value you give to your variable if it is not set.

For example, if your Plugin has a variable called page, in your Plugin code you might set its value to 1 if you did not see it set in the URL.