Plugin Method showFloatingBox()

public function showFloatingBox() {
    //...your PHP code...//


This method is similar to the showSlot method, but is intended to let you write code for the contents of a floating box, such as a box generated using the Fancybox library.

Where You Can Use It

In your pluggable modules, from Zenario 7.0 onwards.


You use this method, you should first generate a link using the showFloatingBoxLink() function.

When a Visitor follows the link, the CMS will then run Plugin on its own.

You can then output HTML code (ideally using the Framework functionality).

Note that unlike the showIframe() method, the CMS will not create a page around your output. This makes showFloatingBox() suitable for anything that needs a snippet of HTML (for example the Fancybox Library) but unsuitable for anything that needs a full, valid HTML page (such as an iframe).

Return Value

No return value is needed.