System Administration

Directory structure

A page highlighting key files and how they are structured when Zenario is installed.

Running multiple sites from one directory

You can run multiple client sites from a single software install.

Multi-site administrator authentication

In an agency or large company, you may have administrators who want to log easily into a range of client sites or company micro-sites. Learn how to authenticate multi-site administrators

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Friendly URLs are not only more likely to be indexed by a Search Engine, they are more likely to be remembered by a human. We recommended that you make all of your pages "friendly" by setting an Alias.

Enabling Image Caching and Compression

Any page that the CMS generates can be compressed, to give your Visitors a faster page-load time and help reduce the bandwidth demands on your server.

Setting up Satellite-Hub multiple extranet sites

Zenario allows you to set up two or more extranet sites, in which the user data on both sites is kept in sync.

How to do a Quick Update of your Zenario version

To quickly update your Zenario installation, please follow these steps.

How to do a Cautious Upgrade

Use this cautious method if it is critical to avoid downtime for your visitors, if you are updating through several versions of Zenario, or if you have custom modules that need to be tested or migrated.

Relocating a site

You can move a site to a different server, subdirectory or URL using this method.

Zenario release policy

Whenever the major or minor version numbers increment, it reflects that new features are present in the later version.

Using Google Webmaster Tools, verifying your site

If you are using Google Webmaster Tools, Google will ask you to verify your site. Learn how to add the verification code onto your site.