Plugin Link/Path/URL Function showRSSLink()

public final function showRSSLink(
$allowFriendlyURL = false, $overwriteFriendlyURL = true


Generate a URL link to the RSS feed for your Plugin Instance in this particular Slot, generated by your showRSS() method.

Where You Can Use It

Can be used in methods called by plugins. From Zenario 7.0.0 onwards.

If you have written the showRSS() method, you should use showRSSLink() to generate a URL for this RSS feed.



From Zenario 7.0.0, the CMS supports a friendly URL for one RSS link per Content Item. You can enable this functionality by setting $allowFriendlyURL to true.

Friendly RSS links will generally be more reliable than the old format, as the old format contains the instance id and slot name of the Plugin on the URL, which can change.

If there are two RSS links on a page, only the first to be created will have the friendly URL. Any additional RSS links will fall back to the old format.


The instance id and slot name of the Plugin that has a friendly RSS link is stored in the database, and it is possible to change these values simply by calling showRSSLink().

If you wish to get a friendly URL without changing any values, you can set $overwriteFriendlyURL to false. This may still give you a friendly RSS link, but only if it has already been registered.

Return Value

An (absolute) URL for an RSS feed.


echo '<link
    href="'. $this->showRSSLink(). '"
    title="'. htmlspecialchars($title). '" />';