Plugin Link/Path/URL Function showSingleSlotLink()

public final function showSingleSlotLink(
$requests = '', $hideLayout = true


This generates a link to show your plugin alone on the current page.

Where You Can Use It

Can be used in methods called by plugins. From Zenario 7.0.6 onwards.


This function returns a URL to the current page and the current slot.

When this URL is viewed, the current page and only the current slot will be displayed.



A request string to add to the URL.


Whether to hide the layout around the slot.

If the layout is shown, the usual HTML structure of the page will appear around your plugin and it will have its usual CSS styles applied.

If the layout is hidden, the normal page <head> and <body> will be displayed, but no other HTML will be generated except for the output of your plugin.

Return Value

A URL to call your showSlot() method with the provided requests.