Admin Boxes Method adminBoxSaveCompleted()

public function adminBoxSaveCompleted(
$path, $settingGroup, &$box, &$fields, &$values, $changes
) { //...your PHP code...// }


Use this method to run extra code after an Admin Box has been saved.


This Method is run when an administrator saves an Admin Box. It's run after your saveAdminBox() method is run.

Where You Can Use It

From Zenario 7.0.0 onwards.


If more than one Module places tabs or fields in an Admin Box, all of their saveAdminBox() methods will be called in dependancy order.

If you have some code that you wish to run after saving (for example you may wish to send a signal) then you might not be able to call it from your saveAdminBox() method as other saveAdminBox() methods from other Modules may be called after yours has run.

Instead you should place such code in your adminBoxSaveCompleted() method, which is called afterwards.



The path of the Admin Box opened.


When showing an Admin Box for Plugin Settings or Site Settings, this variable will contain the name of the Module or Settings Group.


The TUIX that defines your Admin Box, in the form of a PHP array.

You should make changes to this array as needed.


Shortcuts to the field definitions in your Admin Box.

E.g. $fields['tab_name/field_name'] references $box['tabs']['tab_name']['fields']['field_name']


Shortcuts to the field values in your Admin Box.

E.g. $values['tab_name/field_name'] references $box['tabs']['tab_name']['fields']['field_name']['current_value']


This parameter currently deprecated and should not be used. In the future it may be replaced by something more useful.

Return Value

No return value is needed.