Admin Boxes Method saveAdminBox()

public function saveAdminBox(
$path, $settingGroup, &$box, &$fields, &$values, $changes
) { //...your PHP code...// }


Use this method to save the values that an administraor has entered into an Admin Box.


This method is called when an administrator saves an Admin Box. It's run after your validateAdminBox() method, if there were no errors.

Where You Can Use It

From Zenario 7.0.0 onwards.


You should use this method to create/update any rows in the database that you need to save the information that an administrator enters.



The path of the Admin Box opened.


When showing an Admin Box for Plugin Settings or Site Settings, this variable will contain the name of the Module or Settings Group.


The TUIX that defines your Admin Box, in the form of a PHP array.

You should make changes to this array as needed.


Shortcuts to the field definitions in your Admin Box.

E.g. $fields['tab_name/field_name'] references $box['tabs']['tab_name']['fields']['field_name']


Shortcuts to the field values in your Admin Box.

E.g. $values['tab_name/field_name'] references $box['tabs']['tab_name']['fields']['field_name']['current_value']


This parameter currently deprecated and should not be used. In the future it may be replaced by something more useful.

Return Value

No return value is needed.