Method handleAJAX()

public function handleAJAX() {
    //...your PHP code...//


Provides you with way to handle AJAX without refreshing your entire Plugin.


You can make a call to this in JavaScript using the AJAX() or JSON() JavaScript functions.

If you are handling a request from the AJAX() function then a reply is optional; i.e. you could just use an AJAX() call to send a message from the client to the server without expecting a reply.

If you are handling a request from the JSON() function then a reply is required. You should use PHP's json_encode() function to ensure that your output is valid JSON.

Note that handleAJAX() is not as guided as the other methods called by plugins, and is not linked to a Content Item or a Theme.

Return Value

You should echo your any response you require to the output buffer. No return value is needed.


public function handleAJAX() {
    if ($this->post('upvote')) {
    } elseif ($this->post('downvote')) {

This code-fragment might form part of a voting system; it would allow a user to make a vote without refreshing or changing the Plugin on which they are on.